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The following is a list of achievements in the game Streets of Rogue.

Notes[ | ]

  • Generally speaking, Mutators will not prevent the earning of achievements. The main exception is Sandbox Mode, which by design disables earning any achievements or unlocks. (Endless locks most things too.)

List of achievements[ | ]

Icon Name Description Strategy
LikeARogue Like a Rogue
(*PS4 only)
Complete All Trophies Platinum trophy. Only available on the PS4 version of the game.
DidntSkipTheTutorial Didn't Skip the Tutorial Complete tutorial Play through the tutorial at the start without skipping it. If you have skipped it, look for the NPC standing near the elevator shortcut in Home Base to redo it.
AdaptingToCityLife Adapting to City Life Complete any floor You can easily get this by completing Slums 1-1.
SaviorOfTheSlums Savior of the Slums Complete Slums Complete Slums 1-3, which will include a Disaster Level unless disabled via Mutators.
IndustrialAchievement Industrial Unlock elevator access Complete Slums 1-3 with 5 different characters.
IndustrialIdol Industrial Idol Complete Industrial Complete Industrial 2-3, which will include a Disaster Level unless disabled via Mutators.
ParkAchievement Park Unlock elevator access Complete Industrial 2-3 with 5 different characters.
ParkPresident Park President Complete Park Complete Park 3-3, which will include a Disaster Level unless disabled via Mutators.
DowntownAchievement Downtown Unlock elevator access Complete Park 3-3 with 5 different characters.
DowntownDiva Downtown Diva Complete Downtown Complete Downtown 4-3, which will include a Disaster Level unless disabled via Mutators.
UptownAchievement Uptown Unlock elevator access Complete Downtown 4-3 with 5 different characters.
UptownUpperCruster Uptown Upper-Cruster Complete Uptown Complete Uptown 5-3, which will include a Disaster Level unless disabled via Mutators.
YouRule You Rule Complete Mayor Village Complete Mayor Village.
QuestConqueror Quest Conqueror Complete any Big Quest Complete any Big Quest without using the Sandbox Mutator.
HostileTakeover Hostile Takeover Neutralize Mayor Kill, knock out, arrest, or otherwise neutralize the Mayor.
LegalTakeover Legal Takeover Win election Win the election by having positive electability on most floors.
PeacefulTakeover Peaceful Takeover Win without winning election or neutralizing Mayor Pickpocket the Mayor, threaten him, ask him for the hat, or buy the hat from him.
TheBadEnding Bad Ending Find the bad ending Push the Mayor's Hat into a hole. This can be done with a melee attack, explosives, and so forth.
CreativeGeniusAchievement Creative Genius Create a custom character You can do this when you're about to start a run.
AssassinAchievement Assassin Unlock playable character Clear any level without killing or alerting anyone.
BartenderAchievement Bartender Unlock playable character Drink 10 alcoholic beverages in a single run. Buy from the Bartender as many as you can, and neutralizing them will also sometimes yield a beverage or two.
CannibalAchievement Cannibal Unlock playable character Kill 20 people in a single floor, then complete the floor.
ComedianAchievement Comedian Unlock playable character Kill anyone (including yourself) with a Banana Peel. Note that it does 5 damage.
CopAchievement Cop Unlock playable character Bribe 3 cops (can be done over multiple runs).
FirefighterAchievement Firefighter Unlock playable character Extinguish 5 fires during a single run.
GangsterAchievement Gangster (Blahd) Unlock playable character Neutralize 10 Gangster (Crepe) in a single run.
GorillaAchievement Gorilla Unlock playable character Free a gorilla from a Scientist lab.
InvestmentBankerAchievement Investment Banker Unlock playable character Hold 500 money at once in a single run.
JockAchievement Jock Unlock playable character Achieve Destruction Level 75 in a single level. You can use the Giantizer that the Scientist starts with.
MobsterAchievement Mobster Unlock playable character Influence the Mayoral Election by bribing a Mobster with $500. The Investment Banker's starting $300 may help. You'll get a discount if you Enslave them first as the Slavemaster.
RobotAchievement Robot Unlock playable character Hack a Cop Bot or the Killer Robot. The latter might be easier as it does not react to a hack attempt, allowing you to safely attempt to hack it from inside a safe nearby building.
ScientistAchievement Scientist Unlock playable character Pollute 5 Air Filtration Systems (can be done over multiple runs).
ShapeshifterAchievement Shapeshifter Unlock playable character Beat any floor with 5 different non-overpowered custom characters. Easiest to do with Slums 1-1.
ShopkeeperAchievement Shopkeeper Unlock playable character Spend 1500 money in total (can be done over multiple runs).
SlavemasterAchievement Slavemaster Unlock playable character Purchase 4 Slaves (can be done over multiple runs).
VampireAchievement Vampire Unlock playable character Destroy 20 Gravestones in a single run.
WerewolfAchievement Werewolf Unlock playable character Kill a Ghost. The Scientist starts off with a Ghost Gibber that can help.
WrestlerAchievement Wrestler Unlock playable character Beat the Slums using only your Fists. Switch off auto-equip of weapons and/or use characters like the Gorilla that cannot use projectile weapons.
ZombieAchievement Zombie Unlock playable character Beat the Slums using the Vampire.
CreatureFeatureAchievement Creature Feature Kill a Vampire while playing a Werewolf Kill a Vampire as a Werewolf. Vampires spawn in Park, Downtown and Uptown.
FastFoodAchievement Fast Food Make a Refrigerator "Run" Hack a Refrigerator and select the "Run" option. Play as Hacker to start with Hacking Tool and Laptop.
FlatEartherAchievement Flat Earther Fall off the edge of the map Just walk along the rails of the Mine Cart / Train track until you reach the edge of the map. This can also be done with a Giantizer.
FountainofLifeAchievement Fountain of Life Poison a water body with Resurrection Shampoo Insert a Resurrection Shampoo into a Water Pump, at either a pond in the Park or a bathhouse in Uptown.
IronicKillerAchievement Ironic Killer Kill someone by throwing a Gravestone at them Play Wrestler or a custom character with Toss. Get someone to low health, then grab a Gravestone from a graveyard and toss it at them.
MassacristAchievement Massacrist Kill everyone in a level Best to do this on Slums 1-1 with a combat-focused character like Soldier.
MurderousMixologistAchievement Murderous Mixologist Give someone a Cyanide Cocktail Play as the Bartender and use your Drink Mixer on a Cyanide Pill to turn it into a deadly Cocktail, then serve that drink to anyone.
PotentMixAchievement Potent Mix Have four status effects at once Save up 4 Syringes (or items that give status effects) and use them all at once.
SafeTravelsAchievement Safe Travels Nicely ask an NPC to leave a level If the NPC is Loyal there is a 70% chance they will leave. (78% chance with Four-Leaf Clover). If an NPC is Aligned or Submissive, they will always leave when asked to.
ShockerAchievement Shocker Electrocute someone in water Shoot someone with a Taser while the person is in water.
SlaverEnslaverAchievement Slaver Enslaver Enslave a Slavemaster Play as the Slavemaster and use his Taser and Enslave combo to enslave an NPC Slavemaster.
TerminatorAchievement Terminator Kill the Killer Robot Only appears on the corresponding disaster level. Don't forget about Invincible syringes! Can be killed with EMP Grenades, with melee in Giant form, with Time Bomb, or pushed into a hole (Leafblower can help there). Also can make use of Wall Turrets or Fire-Spewers. You can also hack the Killer Robot and tamper with its aim, or try and inflict water damage.
TheBestAroundAchievement The Best Around Win an Arena fight The Arena appears in Downtown. Easiest with a Melee-focused Character like the Jock or Wrestler. Note that you will have to face wrestler(s) with codpiece(s) without any weapons.
TrueBelieverAchievement True Believer Find the Alien You need to find a Satellite Dish, which only naturally appears in Uptown as well as a Wrench and Tech-Expert. Re-adjust the Satellite Dish using the Wrench or Hacking Tool and then overload the Satellite using the Computer.

Trivia[ | ]

  • "Creature Features" was a horror TV format broadcast of old classic monster related movies and shows throughout the 60s and 90s.
  • "Terminator" is a reference to the movie and series of the same name.
  • "The Best Around" is a reference to the song "You're the Best" by Joe Esposito.
  • The Mobster is shown holding a Sledgehammer despite the character not starting with one.