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This is the Community Tips page. On this page, you can add a section for yourself and add your own tips for people to see. Please note that most of this is opinionated, so don't take everything to heart if you don't believe it.

Tips[ | ]

Mister Aqua[ | ]

  • Every character has different abilities and a different way to play. Play at least once on every character and don't judge on appearance.
  • In order to unlock the Werewolf, you should unlock the Scientist first and use the Ghost Gibber to kill a ghost.
  • Use the Bartender to complete a stage without alerting anyone and without killing to unlock Assassin.
  • In situations, there is often a "good choice". There is no "wrong choice" but everyone has a "good choice" to do. This "good choice" depends on your preference.

Ilyanc[ | ]

  • Never go in a place without a plan, even if it is just to jump in guns blazing.

TRange77[ | ]

  • As a Gangster, utilize your fellow members whenever possible. If you don't have a Friend Phone, explore the floor and you might find some willing to help out.
  • As a Shopkeeper, take advantage of your bargaining abilities. Sometimes it is easier to buy keys and safe combinations than fight through a bunch of goons.
  • Before entering a densely-populated building, you may want to inflict a status effect through the air vent to increase your odds against the inhabitants.

AlAtEX[ | ]

  • As a Vampire, look for people who enter empty rooms then kill them, as Bite is a very powerful ability. Know how to safely lower your health to bite everybody.

Donkek[ | ]

  • As a Cop, always try to get out of LOS or knock on the door so as soon as they enter you can arrest them, getting a free kill.

Lancelot009[ | ]

  • Always keep some food on you, just in case.

ShaneHelpsPeople[ | ]

  • If you are struggling to win in any case, play Assassin because you can clear entire floors and murder everything and everyone way too fast, looting everything and every person alive on the floor.
    • With a simple Camouflage and backstab punch with your bare hands, you can send someone through a wall or two dealing 50 damage. If you had a successful backstab, you stay cloaked as well so you can flee from the area and wait a bit for your ability to recharge. This makes lots of weapons useless, but you should still hold on to weapons in case you miss a backstab or two.
    • You can't backstab someone with their back to the wall, even though you can go behind them with a nice amount of room, the hitbox occurs in front of the enemy, de-cloaking you and making you get punched, stabbed, or shot easily.
    • You can get a quick kill with the Assassin if you go to someone's house and do this in order:
      • Knock on the door (must be locked)
      • Right as they start walking away, cloak and enter their house
      • Backstab them!
  • When you're inside someone's house, or in any building, always loot the Refrigerator for food.

TFF[ | ]

OvoFox11[ | ]

  • If you're playing as a class with an insta-kill Special Ability that needs to be activated from behind, like the Doctor, an easy way to take out NPCs standing with their back to a wall is to punch the wall next to them. This will make them turn towards the place you attacked, but they will not get agitated. Then, slip behind them while they stare at the wall and take them out.
  • A great trick that I use often is to knock on a door, wait for the person inside to look out and turn around, and then slip through the door behind them. They won't see you come inside and you have now entered a room with a locked door without alerting or killing anybody.

Andre_Marcon[ | ]

  • On multiplayer, a very powerful strategy is having a Vampire or a Cannibal as partner, so one player can have all the food and medical items while the other goes around eating people.
  • In early game, save your hard earned chicken nuggets to buy some expensive rewards, such as Kill Ammunizer, Kill Healthenizer and Kill Profiter. These passive items make your journey much easier on the long term, and unlocking them earlier you have a higher probability of getting these items as Mission Rewards.
  • When playing with a character with abilities you must activate from behind, such as Bite or Chloroform Hankie, the best gift your luck can give you is Freeze Ray. With this weapon, you can easily use your special ability even on hostile NPCs.
  • Playing as the Hacker, always remember to modify prices on vending machines before using them.
  • Remember you can always give weapons and health items to your followers, so they can inflict higher damage and last longer. You can take clones to the next level, but hired people are left behind when you enter the elevator.

Cf27n01[ | ]

  • When playing as the Hacker, a good tip is to hide in a building close-by to a object that can be remotely hacked. This is because if the owner of the object is alerted, they'll only check around the perimeter of their building and will not see you hiding in another building. Be sure to get close enough to still be able to remote hack, you can even press yourself up against the wall if needed. Every NPC (Apart from Cop) that is not the owner of the object that you are hacking will ignore you while you are doing so.
  • (A few people mentioned this strategy already) If you cannot get behind someone in order to use a special ability like Sticky Glove or Chloroform Hankie, try punching the wall near them, this should make them temporarily turn to you giving you enough time to take advantage of their now exposed back. NOTE: Be careful to not punch objects that are not walls. If you do, the owners of the building will come and investigate the noise, this might make them Annoyed with you or even Hostile.

AvengingAngel54[ | ]

Note: Quite a few are outdated, changed, fixed

  • Try to always stay above 30 Health, its the magical number.
  • Try to unlock the Kill Ammunizer and Kill Healthenizer as soon as possible, they will carry games.
  • Once you have unlocked every Trait/Item use your Chicken Nuggets at the Soldier in the Home Base.
  • Disable some of the worse Abilities like the Follower ones, Bloody Mess, Big Bullets, Disturbing Facial Expressions, Don't make me angry, Low-Cost Jobs, Wall's Worst Nightmare.
  • Disable some of the worse Rewards like Baseball Bats, Knives, Ghost Gibbers,Oil Containers, Dizzy Grenades, Paralyzer Traps, Gas Masks, Ammo Processor, Armor Durability Spray, Cigarette Lighter, EarWarp Whistles, Fud Processor,Hypnotizer Mark I, Quick Escape Teleporter and a few more. Most of these are only situational useful and most of the time I don't even use them, they just sit in my inventory for the whole run wasting a slot.
  • Try to get the invisible and invincible syringes and clone them as often as possible, as they are the most overpowered item in-game.
  • Assassin is an easy win. (By the way, Longer Status Effects increases the Duration of Camouflage to 15 Seconds, the same as the Cooldown, OP)
  • G-P-Yesss is one of the best skills in my opinion.
  • Floats like Butterfly gives you incredible Speed when attacking and moving at the same time. As a Wrestler (1/4 Speed) you can catch up to a Shapeshifter (4/4 Speed) with it.
  • Fast Melee and Long Lunge increase the potential Speed from Floats like Butterfly even more.
  • You should start buying Beer and Whiskey from Bartenders once you hit 3-1 (sometimes even earlier) as you will have too much money to spend and you need a way to regain health.
  • Try to stay away from followers.
    • Why? Because they are inconsistent and can also hit you or make Shopkeepers etc Hostile towards you. Also it's annoying to heal them with Medical Professional as they will run away once they reach low health.
  • Don't play too aggressive.
  • Use corners to your advantage when using melee weapons.
  • As a Hacker, hide in a different building when using your Laptop.
  • As a Slavemaster use your Slaves as Suicide Bombers. Place them somewhere, then go away. DON'T use your Slave Helmet Remote unless you have to.
  • As a Slavemaster constantly re-new your Slaves, sacrifice old once by putting them somewhere and going away. Avoid Mutinies!
  • As a Slavemaster you can enslave the Upper-Cruster, who sells Upper-Crusty, to buy it with a 40% discount (mostly just incase he becomes Annoyed or Hostile)
  • Friendly Characters allow you to enter their property unless it's restricted (Exception if you bribe a Bouncer, then you will also be able to enter it), give you a 10% discount and will become Hostile if they see you stealing / pressing a button / opening a locked door.
  • Loyal Characters allow you to enter their property, give you a 20% discount and allow you to steal / open doors and press buttons. They will also give you keys, safe combinations and items for retrieve missions. They can also be asked to leave town for neutralize missions. It's a ~70% chance for them to leave and if they don't they will just say "They want to stay", they WON'T attack you.
  • Aligned Characters allow you to enter their property, give you a 30% discount and allow you to steal / open doors and press buttons. They will also give you keys, safe combinations and items for retrieve missions. They can also be asked to leave town for neutralize missions. It's a 100% chance for them to leave.
  • Submissive Characters allow you to enter their property, give you a 40% discount and allow you to steal / open doors and press buttons. They will also give you keys, safe combinations and items for retrieve missions. They can't leave for neutralize missions because of their Slave Helmet. Just make them stand guard somewhere and move away.
  • Abuse Fire Spewers, corners and angles to easily kill the Killer Robot. You can also use an Ammo Stealer on him to remove his Rocket Launcer.
  • As a Bartender stack up on Cigarettes early on for the Big Quest.
  • As a Bartender Cop Bots will not bother you unless provoked.
  • As a Doctor the Taser is one of your best friends.
  • As a Soldier try to only have the Machinegun (and maybe even the Rocket Launcher) as it's the most effecient gun with the Kill Ammunizer.
  • Accuracy Mods increase the Damage, Fire Rate and accuracy of a weapon.
  • Silencers make a weapon completely silent.
  • As a Werewolf know when to use your Transformation. Also if a Character didn't see you enter and leave the Werewolf form then they won't be Hostile against your normal form.
  • Longer Status Effects increases the Duration of the Werewolf Transformation as well as Crazy-Dizzy.
  • As an Investment Banker use Air Vents with Cigarettes to get Nicotine. You may take 5 Damage but it will freeze the Feelin' Alright and Withdrawal Counter for 30 seconds.
  • Try to get Modern Warfarer as a Shapeshifter as both you and your Body will be quite low on Health almost all the time.
  • As a Thief stock up on Supplies as soon as possible. You are going to need them. Skeleton Keys and Safe-Cracking Tools are really good as they eliminate the need to buy one item.
  • Wrestler Toss + Killer Thrower (Consumable) = one hit everything you hit with the toss
  • As a Zombie abuse the running away of enemies to lure them into more Zombies. Don't be too aggressive yourself.
  • As a Vampire knock on a door and spam right click to instantly bite the target without them attacking you.
  • As a Vampire use enviromental objects such as Fire Barrels, Crushers, Fire, Bear Traps to damage yourself so that you can effectively use your bite ability.
  • As a Vampire Regenerate Health Syringes are quite valuable as they are another way to regain health. A Kill Healthenizer is another option. You should always get invisible and invincible syringes though.
  • As a Vampire Poison Barrels are extremely dangerous if you are under 30 HP as you can't eat food. I sometimes had to use invincibility syringes just to not die.
  • As a Vampire you should buy Cologne from the Loadout-O-Matic for at least the uptown levels as it prevents Cop Bots from being annoying and having to bribe Bouncers.
  • Destroying a computer disables all Lasers, cameras, turrets, fire spewers and crushers and opens locked doors, even armed ones. A disabled red laser will still explode if the Laser emitters are destroyed.
  • The further in the game you are (floor-wise) the more items will cost and sell for as well as Hiring Prices will increase and Doctor heals.
  • As a Cop other Cops are aligned with you and Supercops are friendly with you. Try to use this to your advantage. Also try to get No-Infighting as it will prevent you from hitting other Cops/Supercops and vice-versa. (One of the only times where Follower Skills are good)
  • Cologne in general is a very good for the later levels (4-1+).
  • Always kill enemy Shapeshifters as they drop 80-100 Money.
  • Loneliness Killer is a really good Trait for Thieves as it will give you a "Shop" every floor and a free Lockpick or Window Cutter. Thieves spawned by this Trait will only sell you items on the floor they spawned.
  • Four-Leaf-Clover affects Comedians Joke. (A feature i requested)

Stealthidoctor[ | ]

  • The Assassin is a great character for stealth. His camouflage can bypass cameras (but not lasers) and he can instakill anybody he backstabs while in camo mode.
  • To unlock the Comedian, scour around for Banana Peels or eat a Banana. Then, beat up a Slum Dweller as a Slum Dweller until they're 1 hit from death. Let them run away. Sneak up on them and throw the Banana Peel. They will die and you will get the achievement! Hooray! It also works on yourself. Let yourself get beat up and then throw a Banana Peel. Run into it.
  • Here's how to win the game via. The Election:

1. Start out as the Comedian. 2. Press 'R' to view your stats. There are two stats: Electability (floor) and Electability (City). Each floor you need to raise the Electability (floor) to the positives. As for Electability (City), you need to get to the Mayor Village and have it in the positives by then. Each floor with positive Electability will give +1 to the Electability (City). Got it? Good. Now this is what happens next... 3. Tell jokes to slum dwellers ! However make sure you're ready to kill them. By that I mean, if they hate your jokes they won't vote for you, they'll vote against you! So neutralize those who hated your awful puns, and make sure those who liked them don't suffer anything. 3a. Give Cigarettes and Fud to Office Workers to raise your Electability by +1. As a side note, buying items from Shopkeepers), Drug Dealers and Bartenders will ensure their voting for you. ON TOP OF THAT, hire Thieves and Gangsters then immediately dismiss them to get their vote as well. If anybody in the level hates you automatically for whatever reason, kill them. Clone Machines will summon an Aligned NPC for you, giving you their vote. Summon as many as you need to. Finally, in the later levels you can pay Mobsters $300 to raise your Electability +2. 4. Try not to anger anyone if you can help it. Bribe mission targets instead of murdering them. 5. Once you get to the Mayor Village, there is a golden building known as the City Hall. There's a Clerk inside. Talk to him to get the Mayor's Visiting Badge, then go talk to the Mayor to begin the election. 6. If your Electability (City) was in the positives, you win! Now go celebrate winning a hard-earned achievement, you deserve it!

Bluey[ | ]

  • A tip to heal you to 100 HP for free: If you have Modern Warfarer+ trait, you can talk to a Doctor, ask him to administer 3 Blood Bags. When your HP regen to 40, ask the Doctor to use the Blood Bags he gave you.
  • A tip to grind buncha money with No Limits mutator: Find a hospital with a Clerk inside, donate blood until you're low on HP, then talk to a Doctor and ask him to heal you. Repeat these steps until you don't wanna grind money anymore.
    • Make sure the Doctor's healing costs less than your Max HP-20, otherwise you might lose money for doing that.
    • If there's no Clerk, but there's a Sell-O-Matic in this level, try to ask the Doctor to administer Blood Bags and sell them instead. Here's a mathematical formula: (x-20)/20*y=z; x=Your Max HP, y=A Blood Bag's sell price, z=How much money you will get. Make sure Doctor's healing price is lower than z, so you can grind money.
  • Andre_Marcon wrote a tip about having Vampire or Cannibal as partner. This strategy also works with Mech Pilot, so one player can have all the healing items while the other heals with Oil Container and Ammo Dispenser.
    • The Mech Pilot player will still need healing items if they're low on HP and without their Mech.
  • As a Cop, if you want to neutralize an innocent guy without losing XP, try to punch him and find some Cops nearby, they will attack people who is hostile toward you.
  • As a Cop, space bar is one of your best friend. Always hold space bar to find guilty people.
  • If you have Backstabber trait and Taser, you can electrocuting your enemy, then backstab them.
    • Use Freeze Ray instead if you have one, as they can take more damage.

Slave0085[ | ]

General tips

  • before leveling up you can administer blood bags to be able to recover lost life afterwards and be able to use the blood bags if you don't have life (this is more useful with jugularious and Medical professional)
  • Always use the Sell-O-matic to resell items you can't use, or otherwise give those items to your teammates.
  • If you take an armor while you already have one, the armor instead of melting and increasing durability, it will only use inventory space.
  • if you have 99 chicken nuggets (the limit) instead of receiving nuggets in the Optional Mission, you will receive items from normal missions (you cannot receive money).
  • Kill ammunizer will reload the same amount of bullets to all projectile weapons no matter how many you have.
  • The friend phone will always spawn 2 NPCs from your class, even if that exceeds your limit of people you can hire, this works with the gangsters or the mobster
  • You can use the Barbecue to cook fud and heal yourself more.

Stages tips


  • Keep the most useful materials for the following stages, because in Slums it is easy to win the missions with violence (with some characters).
  • The level being considerably small, you can pass it almost without using portals
  • If you have a big quest that you can complete before going through all the levels, I recommend you go ahead with your big quest here.


  • If you plan to enter a hideout in this stage, destroy the computer first so you don't deal with the excessive amount of traps.
  • You can push people into mine carts to make them die more easily.


  • There are no cops here, so taking the violent form is easier because you don't have to deal with cops.
  • Here there is more absence of buildings, therefore firearms are sometimes the best.


  • if you have mobsters chasing you, take them to a place full of people and have those people fight them, preferably people from a quest.


  • The walkie talkie gains efficiency in uptown for the greater amount of police force with super cops, cop bots and police boxes.
  • Here you should always take the peaceful form to complete the missions before the violent form, because here the characters are more powerful and have more abilities and weapons.

Traits tips

Best traits

Generally speaking about the best traits for any case or character, G-P-yesss, teleport-happy, Drug-a-lug, studious, trust funder and Shop drops, G-P-yesss and teleport-happy by default combine well to use teleport in case of emergencies, in addition to being able to complete certain levels faster.

Drug-a-lug can be used to store syringes with positive effects and use syringes with negative effects for other uses, Shop drops always works because it gives a chance for vendors to drop useful stuff, including thiefs, Studious helps you gain more traits, which is useful from early levels to be able to have various abilities, and trust funder allows you to earn a lot of money easily.

Best Characters

When it comes to choosing characters there are no bad choices, only choices that surpass others, but in my opinion here are the 5 best characters:

1: Zombie:This character is one of the best characters because he is capable of summoning as many zombies as he pleases up to several times, filling the level with zombies, facilitating the levels, in addition to being able to contain a large army due to his Army of five trait and his Zombie phlegm ability.

2: Shapeshifter: this character, as his name says, can take the bodies of other NPCs, which makes him very rotissy when it comes to choosing characters aligned with a lot of people, with good statistics and useful traits, for more information, research Shapeshifter (Strategy)

3: Hacker: this, like the alien and the shapeshifter, is not the best when it comes to combat, but what makes him so good is his ability to hack plus his tech-savvy trait, it gives him the ability to defeat most of the the missions in a semi-peaceful and efficient way

4: Shopkeeper: This character is almost won election victories, because his Art of the deal trait not only allows him to use money to complete almost all the missions he is given, but by buying keys and/or safes combinations you can get back to that NPC and their friendly lineups, plus their great mission allows you to get a lot of money buying and reselling fashion items

5.Alien: This is like several of the previously seen, since, despite not having good fighting statistics (the worst fighting statistics in the game) his mind control ability is simply broken and with a good strategy you can control an army whole.

Characters tips

  • With the Mobster it is advisable to use the friend's phone as soon as possible to be able to "shake down" easily.
  • If with the Cop you can't find guilty people, you can have an NPC kill someone else to make them guilty.
  • The Bouncer cannot hire or have more people in his group than the Musician, but the Musician can have groups of up to 3 people.
  • If you get the withdrawal effect from the investment banker for the first time in the level due to some limitation, don't take another drug until the level is over so you don't deal with having to lose the feelin' alright effect repeatedly and losing your big quest.

Items tips

Special abilities tips

Missions tips