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Podium MayorsHat Electability is a player-exclusive statistic and game mechanic.

It is used to determine how NPCs will vote in the election between the player and the Mayor, if the player decides to run for Mayor. Electability can be viewed on the player's character sheet. Electability is divided into two different subtypes: Electability (Floor) and Electability (City).

Electability (Floor)[ | ]

This starts at -5 at the beginning of each floor and is adjusted by the NPC Alignment of all non-imprisoned living/undead NPCs on the current floor. This is shown as a whole value on the stats screen but is tracked by the game as a decimal value that is rounded to the nearest number. The table below details the effects NPCs have on floor Electability. NPCs which begin the level Aligned/Loyal/Friendly provide less Electability than NPCs which begin Neutral and are swayed to your cause. NPCs which begin the level Annoyed/Hostile do not decrease Electability, but killing them does benefit your Electability.

Electability Modifier Values[ | ]

These are the things which change the player's Electability (Floor), and the amount of those changes.

NPC Attitude Score per NPC
Neutral 0
Annoyed/Hostile -1
Friendly/Loyal/Aligned +1
Initially Hostile 0
Initially Annoyed -1
Initially Friendly +0.25
Initially Loyal/Aligned +0.5
Same Class +0.33
Same Class (Zombie) +1
Used Services* +1
Killed Initially Annoyed/Hostile +1
Cologne +0.15**

*”Services” include hiring NPCs, buying from NPCs, and asking a Doctor to heal, give, or use a blood bag.

** +0.15 bonus is applied for each NPC turned friendly by Cologne. Motivating Office Drones or making Cologne-effected NPCs Loyal or aligned will give extra electability.

A citizen will never increase or decrease player electability by more than 1.

Electability (City)[ | ]

This starts at -5 at the beginning of a run and will change at the end of each floor depending on the value of Electability (Floor). Positive floor electability will raise city electability by +1 while negative floor electability will lower city electability by -1. City electability will not change if floor electability is 0.

Winning the Election[ | ]

In order to win the election against the Mayor, your Electability (City) must be at least +1 by the time you reach the Mayor Village.

Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Electability was added in Alpha 60 along with Mayor Village.
  • The reason floor and city electability starts at -5 is because the existing Mayor starts with an incumbent advantage.

Tips and Strategies[ | ]

  • Traits play a huge part of determining Electability. If you want to win the election, it helps to play as classes that increase electability (Bartender, Cop) and avoid negative interaction characters like the Slavemaster.
    • The Zombie class, despite making NPCs run or become Hostile upon sight, can easily increase electability by filling every floor with friendly zombies. Zombies don't vote for you if spawned by the Zombies Disaster or Zombies Ate my Game Balance Mutator; they will however, still vote for you if you are a zombie.
    • Keep in mind that Fair Game will make the clerk in the Mayor's Office run away or be hostile. You'll need to hypnotize them, somehow get rid of Fair Game and acquire a translator, or remove Vocally Challenged in order to talk to the clerk and run for mayor. NPC zombies will still attack the clerk on the way to the podium park, so be careful if there are any in Mayor Village!
    • As a Shopkeeper, Purchasing Keys or Safe Combos off NPCs makes them, co-owners, and bouncers of the building friendly.
    • As a Hacker, the Computer in the City Hall can be used to increase electability by 2.
    • The Comedian class. You can make jokes, and kill anyone who doesn't like them.
  • Avoid making NPCs Annoyed or Hostile, and neutralize Annoyed/Hostile NPCs before leaving the floor to raise electability.
  • Giving Fud, Cigarettes, and other cheap items to Office Drones is an easy way to increase electability.
  • Buying rounds from Bartenders in Bars and Casinos increases electability by 1 for every non-voting visitor present.
  • Having Doctor administer Blood Bags is free and gives 1 electability. This can only be done thrice per floor, ideally once per Doctor.
  • Using Blood Bags also works, provided the player already has them on hand.
  • Free prisoners, gorillas, and slaves when opportune for easy electability.
  • Bribing Bouncers with beer is a cheap way to give 1 electability for each Bouncer, Thug, and property owner in the building.
  • Complete Optional Missions as needed to make quest givers, co-owners, and bouncers of the building friendly.
  • If low on options identifying syringes, buying cheap items from shopkeepers/drug dealers, and hiring help are all good ways to bump up electability.
  • Hacked clone machines provide an extra vote via the aligned NPC produced, and if desperate can be used for self cloning for extra electability.
  • Buying things (usually just one) from vendors can also increase your electability by 1
  • Mobsters can be bribed with $500 to increase the city electability score by 2. This can only be done once.