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Gangster (Crepe)


Endurance: 2
Speed: 2
Melee: 2
Firearms: 3
Blahd Basher
Team Building Expert
Starting Items
Frameless Knife
Frameless Pistol
Frameless Friend Phone (2)
Frameless Boombox
Turf War
"Joined the Crepes after witnessing their father being murdered at the hands of a Blahd. Actually, it wasn't a Blahd, it was just a crazed naked man driven insane from a nasty sunburn. The Gangster probably needs to have their vision checked."

The Crepe Gangster is an NPC and playable Character. They are a starting character, and wear a blue hat and clothing.

Super Special Ability[ | ]

  • Gang members from both gangs will join your party.
  • Members of the other gang will be Friendly towards you and will automatically join if asked. Their attitude improves to Loyal after joining your party.

NPC[ | ]

Crepe gangsters spawn randomly around the map, typically inside Bars, Hospitals, Hideouts, and homes. They can also spawn in small groups and patrols in alleys.

Crepe gangsters can be hired as protection for 30 money, or for free if the player is also a Crepe. Crepes automatically leave the player's group when severely injured, and do not follow players to the next floor unless they are a freed prisoner, remaining Friendly after leaving the group. Crepes summoned via Clone Machine or Friend Phone remain Aligned after being dismissed from the group, and will not leave the group unless asked by the player.

Crepe gangsters are aligned with all Crepes and NPC allies of Crepes, but hostile to all Blahd gangsters, even if both are owners of the same house or hideout; Crepes and Blahds sharing space usually ends in violence quickly after the start of the stage.

Drops[ | ]

Quotes[ | ]

Notes : Both gangster types share quotes with each other, the only exceptions being their exclusive quotes at the home base and at the podium.

General chat:[ | ]

  • "My initiation involved a lot of helping old ladies. It was a pleasant surprise."
  • "Do my pants look saggy? It's so embarrassing when that happens."
  • "Want my help 'neutralizing' someone?"
  • "What our gang really needs is a secret handshake."
  • "I wish we were one of those gangs that solved our differences by dancing."

Hiring:[ | ]

  • "Let's roll.. err, foot?" — Upon being hired.
  • "You?... No." — Refusing to join because of Antisocial or Malodorous
  • "Nah, your posse's already too big.." — Refusing to join if you have too many followers.
  • "I'm not in good enough shape to join you.." — Refusing to join because of low health.
  • "Naah, I'm done for now." — Refusing because of already being hired before.
  • "Thanks, I owe you one.." — Joining the player once freed from a Prison.

Leaving:[ | ]

  • "Pleasure working with ya!" — Upon being dismissed.
  • "I don't feel so hot. I can't keep going." — Leaving the player over low health.
  • "I can't come, gotta protect the turf!" — Refusing and leaving the player's party when exiting to the next floor without Homesickness Killer.

At the Homebase[ | ]

  • "If you want other people to join you, I can help."

Tips and Strategies[ | ]

Playable[ | ]

  • How to fight: Use fellow gang members to their fullest to preserve HP and ammo/weapon durability, but don't be afraid of fighting alone, as Crepes start with good stats and weapons.
    • If on a level with very few Crepes, it may be a good idea to use one of your Friend Phones.
    • Be careful not to overarm fellow gang members however, as they will not give gifted items back and will refuse to eat if their inventory is already filled with other items.
    • Stay near Cops or behind civilians when under attack from Blahds; Cops will consider you innocent and go after the attacker while civilians will fight back if damaged.
    • Blahd Basher can be swapped or removed at Augmentation Booths, but this can be a bad idea as it means giving up the extra experience gained by killing Rivals, and many of the traits it can be swapped for are more harmful than Blahd Basher themselves.
  • How to finish missions: Crepes can use violence to solve most missions, or recruit other Crepes to help finish missions, but don't be afraid to use stealthier tactics when necessary.
  • If a fellow Crepe is low on health after fighting, it's often a good idea to kill them for their drops and XP as they will not be considered innocent. Just make sure any other Crepes are out of sight, or they will turn on you.
  • Crepes freed from prison or summoned with Friend Phones/Cloning Machines are especially valuable recruits, as they will follow the player between floors and not leave the team when low on health. It can be helpful to keep tabs on which followers will or won't follow you to the next floor for this reason.
    • Keeping "permanent" followers stationed at the beginning of the floor during Zombie or Riot disaster floors is advisable as followers are easily dragged into these fights, often making unnecessary enemies in the process.

NPC[ | ]

  • Crepes can be easily manipulated into starting street fights by attacking them and leading them into one or more Blahds, with Cops and other bystanders often joining as a result of misfires.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Both the Crepe and Blahd Gangsters are references to real gangs from Los Angeles - the Crips and the Bloods. These real gangs have the same gang colors as their corresponding in-game gang, and they are known for their intense rivalry.
  • Prior to the full release of the game, the Crepe Gangster had a different backstory that had to be censored for console releases.
    • Joined the Crepes after witnessing their mother being murdered at the hands of a Blahd. Actually, it wasn't a Blahd, it was just a naked man with extreme full-body rosacea. And it wasn't a murder, they were just fornicating! The Gangster probably needs to have their vision checked.

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