Mayor Village

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Mayor Village


Area: 6
Preceding Area: Uptown

Mayor Village is the sixth and final Stage in Streets of Rogue. It starts at level 16.

The Mayor Village is by far the most high-security district in the city, where only its richest denizens live. The player must find a way to separate the Mayor's Hat from the Mayor to complete the game.

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Additional Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The Mayor Village does not have lockdown walls.
  • The "City Hall" building provides the player the opportunity to run for Mayor (assuming they have good Electability) and a Mayor Visitor's Badge that allows you to get close to the Mayor.
    • However should the player sneak past or neutralize the guards or bypass them to get to the safe with a Wall Bypasser in the City Hall. The Record of evidence can be found inside.
  • The player begins the level outside a guard station guarded by a blue laser and two Bouncers armed with Sledgehammers. The player must pass through this station to enter the rest of Mayor Village. The player's options are:
    • Leave your weapons with the Bouncer before passing through the laser.
    • Bribe a Bouncer for $300 to let you through. The Sell-O-Matic outside can help.
    • If you have Random Reverence or Charismatic, the bouncers may be Friendly or Aligned and allow you through. Using a Hypnotizer Mark II will achieve the same effect.
    • Destroy the laser with an EMP Grenade. Take care not to throw the grenade INTO the laser or you will set off the alarm. A Wrench will not work because the Bouncers will attack you when you start to disable the laser.
    • If you have Graceful, you can pass through the laser without causing an alert.
    • You can go through the fences on either side of the guard station by destroying them with explosives, hitting them with a sledgehammer while having 4 melee, or using a Wall Bypasser.
    • Fight your way through. Triggering the alarm will cause 4 Cop Bots to spawn and run to the guard house to attack you. Even if you manage to get away, they will continue to patrol the level and attack you on sight.
    • Teleporting with Teleport-Happy.
    • Enslaving or Zombifying the Bouncers and then talking to them.
    • Sometimes there are two windows you can destroy with Window Cutters to pass through.
    • Supercop players will be allowed through for free.

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