Streets of Rogue Wiki

This page lists all the objects currently in-game.

Generally speaking, most objects can be destroyed when that object's specific damage threshold value is met or exceeded. Some objects however can only be destroyed if specific conditions are met, such as being hit by a huge-sized explosion or getting struck by a Player/NPC who is Giantized.

Barriers[ | ]

Name Icon Description Flammable
Bars BarsEW

Projectiles can pass through. Medium damage threshold.

Barbed Wire Fence WallBarbedWire

Can be destroyed with melee weapons, projectiles pass through. Low damage threshold.

Door Door

Can be destroyed with any weapon. Sometimes locked. Can be unlocked with Lockpick, Key or Skeleton Key. Can use Door Detonator on this. Player can knock on doors at the outside of buildings.

Door (No Entry) DoorNoEntry Retains properties of normal doors. Always unlocked. Indicates that the inhabitants will become Hostile or Annoyed if you enter. yes
Door (Steel) DoorHard Retains properties of normal doors. Always locked. Can only be destroyed with explosions from Door Detonators, Time Bombs, or Overclocked Generators. no
Lockdown Wall LockdownWall Rises from the ground when Uptown goes into Lockdown. Is immune to almost all forms of damage. no
Wall WallNormal

Medium damage threshold.

Wall (Border) WallBorder

High damage threshold.

Wall (Glass) GlassWall

High damage threshold. Can be seen through by NPCs.

Wall (Steel) Wall (Steel)

Very high damage threshold. Can only be destroyed with powerful explosions.

Wall (Cave) Cave

High damage threshold. Can only be destroyed with powerful explosions. Only appears at the Park.

Wall (Wood) WallWood

Low damage threshold. Can be destroyed by Fire.

Wall (Hedge) WallHedge

Low damage threshold. Can be destroyed by Fire. Only appears at the Park.

Window Window2

Bullets, Rockets, Darts, and Flames can pass through. Can be removed with Window Cutter, Primal Lunge, Sharp Lunge, a melee weapon attack if certain conditions are met, or explosions. Player can tap on the window to cause a distraction. If the window is damaged, the player can crawl through it and lose 15 HP, although it won't be able to kill you (you'll be left with 1 HP).


Containers[ | ]

Name Icon Description Flammable
Chest ChestBasic

Contains a random (usually valuable) item, small-to-moderate amount of money, or mission item. Rewards player with Found Cool Stuff.

Crate Crate

Must be destroyed to retrieve an item inside. Used for Missions and the Scientist's Big Quest.

Refrigerator Refrigerator

Contains random food and/or drink, or less often, money. Rewards player with Steal. Can be hacked to "Run", causing the fridge to plow through anything in it's path until it reaches an object it cannot break.

Safe Safe

Contains a valuable item, mission item, or moderate-to-large amount of money. Rewards player with Found Cool Stuff. Can be opened with a Safe CombinationSafe-Cracking Tool, Safe Buster, or Hacking, and by destroying/disabling that building's Computer (if one exists).

Trash Can TrashCan

Contains money or a random item.


Decorative[ | ]

Name Icon Description Flammable
Altar Altar A single one of these is found in every church. Unique in that it appears on the minimap, but has no function whatsoever. yes
Arcade Game ArcadeGame Can be hacked to distract NPCs. no
Armchair Armchair NPCs can be found sitting on these. Found in homes and various clubs. yes
Bar Stool BarStool Common seat found in bars. no
Bathtub Bathtub Common object found in homes. no
Bed Bed NPCs sleep on this. Sleeping NPCs can be Possessed, Pickpocketed, Arrested, Enslaved, or Bitten without any of the prerequisites or penalties. yes
Big Table BigTable Common object found in mostly clubs and bars. Slightly higher damage threshold than a small table. yes
Boulder Boulders Large obstructing object found in Park. Acts as a barrier. Cannot be destroyed by any means or any damage amount. no
Chair Chair2 NPCs can be found sitting on these. Found in homes and various clubs. yes
Counter Counter Talking with NPCs "through" this object (from behind it or in front of it) is possible, unlike most objects. yes
Desk Desk Common object only found in offices and broadcasting stations. yes
Fireplace Fireplace Can be lit with fire. If lit, breaking it will summon Fire. no
Gravestone Gravestone Can spawn a Ghost and/or Money when destroyed. no
Lamp Lamp Produces light. Drops money or an item when destroyed if the player has a Cube of Lampey. yes
Plant Plant Common object found in almost every building. Easily broken. no
Pool Table PoolTable Common object found in mostly clubs and bars. yes
Shelf Shelf Tall, common objects. NPC line of sight is broken by these. yes
Speaker Speaker Found next to turntables in dance clubs. no
Stove Stove Creates fire when destroyed. no
Table Table Common object found in almost every building. yes
Television Television Can be hacked to cause an explosion or distract NPCs. yes
Toilet Toilet Can be used to remove all Status Effects, spews water upon being destroyed. Can inflict Poisoned when thrown. Characters with Diminutive may use toilets to teleport to another random toilet on the Floor. no
Tree Tree Large object found only in Park, as well as small parks in higher floors. yes
Tube Tube Spits out giblets at a regular interval. Does not stop doing so even if the building's Computer and Generator/Overclocked Generator are destroyed. no
Vendor Stand VendorStand Appears near vendors in Park. yes

Hazards[ | ]

Name Icon Description
Barbecue BBQ

When destroyed spawns flames in its place, similarly to the flaming barrel. May be lit with a Cigarette Lighter or any fire-causing items, at which point it can be interacted with to cook up to 5 Fud.

Crusher Crusher

Extends quickly toward the adjacent wall, causing 30 damage. Triggered by Floor Switch or activates periodically at a regular interval (Industrial). Can be withdrawn by attacking.

Dart Trap Dart

Spews a Dart (Bullet), triggered by Floor Switch. Darts inflict negative Status Effects. Can only be triggered once.

Exploding Barrel ExplodingBarrel

Creates a small explosion when damage threshold is reached.

Explosion Explosion

Affects all people, objects and walls in its blast area. Size can be either Small (30 damage and 5 tiles wide), Large (50 damage and 7 tiles wide), or Huge (200 damage and 17 tiles wide).

Falling Bomb FallingBomb

Falls from the sky, causing a small explosion when it hits the ground. Only spawn during the Disaster "Falling Bomb".

Fire Fire

Spreads to nearby Wall (Wood) and non-fireproof objects. Destroys walls and objects after a period of time. Deals 10 damage when colliding with Characters/NPCs.

Fire Hydrant FireHydrant Will spew out water in a certain direction upon being hit. Causes a puddle if destroyed. The water causes knockback.
Fire-Spewer FireSpewer

Spews out Flames in rapid succession, similar to a Flamethrower. Stops at intervals.

Flaming Barrel FlamingBarrel

Creates Fire when damage threshold is reached.

Floor Switch FloorSwitch

Sometimes difficult to see. Triggers one of several traps. Can only be triggered once.

Gas Gas

Inflicts a status effect upon a character who enters its range. Does not affect robots.

Gas Vent GasVent

Emits Gas temporarily through the use of an Air Filtration System or a Computer. May also be emitting gas continuously in Industrial.

Hole Hole

A pitfall trap. NPCs and Items that fall into it disappear forever. Players receive 30 damage instead from falling into it. If a mission item, key, or safe combination falls into it, the item spawns nearby the hole after a short delay (with the notable exception of Mayor's Hat).

Killer Plant KillerPlant

Bites toward anything within about 2 tiles of itself. Deals 10 damage per bite, and is not treated as a Character or NPC by the game for any purposes.

Laser Laser

Will react when it senses something. Reacts based on color.

Laser Emitter LaserEmitter

Placed at either side of Laser. Depending on color of Laser, will either trigger an alarm or create an explosion.

Manhole Manhole Hostile NPCs can jump out of them, such as the Cannibal or the Thief. Acts as a Hole afterwards.
Mega Turret Mega Turret

A variant of Turret that shoots at a higher rate and withstands more damage. Replaces Turrets in Downtown and beyond.

Mine ParkPresident

Invisible. Explodes 3 seconds after any character gets close to it. Cannot be disarmed or destroyed.

Mine Cart MineCart

Comes every so often and deals 30 contact damage.

Oil Oil

Appears on the ground of Industrial. When lit with fire or an explosion, all adjacent oil will instantly catch fire and burn for a set amount of time.

Police Box PoliceBox Supercops come out from this if an Alarm Button is pressed by an Upper-Cruster or a Player with Upper-Crusty.
Saw Blade SawBlade

Moves back and forth along a track until disabled or destroyed. Deals 10 contact damage.

Security Camera SecurityCam

Detects non-property owners and sounds an alarm when they are detected. Can be hit by EMP to disable it, or hacked to modify its detection parameters.

Slime Barrel SlimeBarrel

When destroyed, spawns a Slime Puddle which does not disappear after any length of time.

Train Train

Comes every so often and deals 30 contact damage.

Trap Door TrapDoorHole

Opens for a short amount of time before closing again, producing a Hole. Triggered by Floor Switch or via a Computer if the Player has Tech Expert. Can only be triggered once.

Turret Turret

Fires at targets when Security Camera has spotted a target. Deals 5 damage per shot but has a very quick reload time. Can be hacked or struck with EMP to disable it.

Removed[ | ]

These items are no longer seen in the game.

Name Icon Description
Fountain Fountain Money can be tossed into it.
Wastebasket WasteBasket Used in Plant Item missions.

Usable[ | ]

Name Icon Usage flammable
Air Filtration System AirConditioner

Insert a consumable to cause Gas with its status effect to emit from the building's Gas Vents.

Alarm Button AlarmButton Anyone with the Upper-Crusty trait can press this to summon a Supercop from a Police Box. Can also be hacked to summon the Supercop. no
Ammo Dispenser AmmoDispenser Refill any of your projectile weapons, and Oil Container or Fire Extinguisher, with a value depending on the cost of the weapon and the amount of ammo missing. Can be hacked to lower the price. no
ATM ATM Used to pay off any of the various forms of Debt (or contribute to the Movin' On Up Big Quest). Can also be used to receive money from investments, store up to 5 items at once, and withdraw any stored item(s). Can be hacked to spit out Money. no
Augmentation Booth AugmentationBooth Used to upgrade, remove, or swap Traits. no
Barbecue BBQ When destroyed spawns flames in it's place, similarly to the flaming barrel. Can be ignited using a Flamethrower or Cigarette Lighter to cook Fud into Hot Fud. no
Bush Bush Can be hidden in. Cannibals frequently hide in these. Bushes will shake a bit when there is a hidden Cannibal. yes
Clone Machine CloneMachine Clone an item in your inventory for 1.5 times that item's cost, or create a clone of your character class. Can be hacked once to produce a clone of a random character. no
Computer Computer Open Doors within the building, and/or unlock a Safe (when one is present). Even more options with the Tech Expert trait, like being able to release poisonous gas, operate crushers and open trap doors. Can be hacked to access from afar. If destroyed or disabled, opens all doors, unlocks the Safe, and disables all security measures within the building. no
Elevator Elevator Player is spawned from a stage's southern elevator. Player exits the level from the northern elevator. Certain Missions require the player to escort an NPC to one of these. no
Generator Generator Creates a large explosion when damage threshold is reached. The same can be silently achieved by using a Wrench or EMP. no
Goodie Dispenser GoodieDispenser

Spend money to randomly get any item, excluding food. Can be hacked to lower the price.

Jukebox Jukebox

Briefly plays music for 15$. Can also be hacked to force the visitors to leave from the establishment temporarily.

Loadout-O-Matic LoadoutOMatic Spend Money to obtain more of the loadout items that you started that run with. Has 5 individual item slots (similar to ATM), so if your loadout contained more than 5 items, 5 will be randomly selected from that total. Includes loadout item purchased from the Loadout Soldier, when applicable. no
Overclocked Generator OverclockedGenerator1

Very similar to a Generator except it has a 7-second countdown (which cannot be reduced by any means) and results in a huge-sized explosion.

Power Box PowerBox Can be turned off by hand or via hacking, disabled by EMP, or destroyed, which will disable all electronics in the area surrounding it. no
Podium Podium Used to do the speech after you acquire the Mayor's Hat. no
Satellite Dish SatelliteDish Interacting with it by Hacking and using the associated Computer can spawn an Alien. no
Sell-O-Matic PawnShopMachine

Sell an inventory item for half of its value. Can be hacked to increase selling prices. "Runs out of money" once a certain set value is reached, after which it cannot be used to sell items.

Sign Sign

Displays a text popup next to the player.

Slot Machine SlotMachine

Play $5, $20, or $50. Base chance of winning is 48%, which can be improved through several means. Winner earns twice the amount inserted.

Switch SwitchBasic

Must be flipped for Operate missions. Can also be flipped by hitting with a weapon or thrown item, destroying, or disabling via EMP. Sometimes Switches can be replaced by Flip Switches which activate a countdown timer after flipping the first switch, causing the quest to fail if the player doesn’t flip all of them within 20 seconds.

Turntables Turntables Can be used for a chance to make people either Annoyed, Loyal or Hostile. Can also be hacked to either force visitors to leave the establishment or to make them attack the Musician inside the building. no
Water Pump WaterPump

Able to poison ponds and other bodies of water (such as pools).

Well Well

Toss money into the Well to receive the effect Feelin' Lucky. Destroy it to receive Feelin' Unlucky. When destroyed, it leaves behind a hole.