Record of Evidence

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Record of Evidence

  RecordOfEvidence.png   RecordOfEvidence.png   RecordOfEvidence.png

Item Type: Special
Value: $0
Can be used on turntables that creates an Angry mob that goes after the Mayor.
In-Game Tooltip
"A literal record of the Mayor saying naughty things. Can be played on Turntables."

The Record of Evidence is a special item in Streets of Rogue that only appears in the final stage at the mayor village and appears at the safe at the "City Hall". It's a special item that only appears in the final stage and can only be used on the Turntables or given to a Musician at the Music Hall for a price, doing so will play a recorded message at the speakers which will make a group of people go after to kill the mayor.

If the Mayor's Supercop guards are also in the same building they will also kill the Mayor if they heard the recording in the same building with the turntables that played the evidence.

Turntables are only found at Dance Clubs or at the "Mayor's house"