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Stages are where you will spend your time in the game, completing Missions in order to go to the next floor within a stage. Each stage is a sector of the city, each layered on top of one another. Each stage offers something unique compared to the previous stages. Aside from Home Base and Mayor Village, each stage is made up of three floors. The third floor in every stage features a disaster (unless No Disasters has been enabled). There are currently 6 main stages in the game once a run has started.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Tutorial.png The Tutorial is where you will learn how to play the game. You will also use a skill called Cry Profusely that is only a sample to show how special abilities work. Welcome to the Resistance! Players can revisit the tutorial at any time from the north-west area of Home Base.

Home Base[edit | edit source]

HomeBase.png The main hub of the game. From Home Base you can access Co-op, enable/disable the various Mutators, apply a Seed, choose items for the next run via Loadout Soldier, and spend Chicken Nuggets on various unlocks (for both items and traits). There are also most Character types and NPCs from the game wandering around, who can be spoken to.

Slums[edit | edit source]

Slums.png The Slums are the first area of the game. Basic NPCs such as Shopkeepers and Drug Dealers will be very common as well as Goons, Gangsters, and Slum Dwellers. Good place to try various tactics and get a general feel for the game. Cops begin spawning as of the second level (displayed as Slums 2 or Level 1-2).

Industrial[edit | edit source]

Industrial2.png Industrial is the second area of the game. It offers new hazards such as Mine Carts and Flame Grates, continuously spewing gas, and spilled oil. Tubes spawn inside of factories and spit out giblets, unaffected by power or the presence of a nearby Computer. Workers are quite common, but Slum Dwellers are still common as well.

Park[edit | edit source]

Park.png The Park is the third area of the game. It includes new objects such as boulders, Bear Traps, Ponds. Unlike previous stages it is more open, and as such, has characters such as Gorillas and cannibals wandering around freely. There are Gorilla and Cannibal caves for each class. Wander into one and you might just annoy them. Be careful of bushes too; Cannibals like to jump out of them and ambush you!

Downtown[edit | edit source]

Downtown.png The fourth area of the game is Downtown. It includes new objects like Altars, a new type of laser and bridges. New NPCs include Wrestlers, Mobsters, Supercops, and more. At this stage and beyond, normal Turrets are replaced with Mega Turrets, which hit harder AND are faster. They can still be hacked as usual.

Uptown[edit | edit source]

Uptown.png Uptown is the fifth area of the game . An extremely rich, cramped area. It is divided into sectors with Lockdown Walls. There are many Upper-Crusters, along with Cop Bots. If there is a threat, Supercops can be called by Upper-Crusters and Lockdown Walls will pop up until the threat is gone.

Mayor Village[edit | edit source]

MayorVillage.png Mayor Village is the last area of the game. As the name indicates, this is where the Mayor lives. Upper-Crusters, Cop Bots, and Supercops can be found here as well. Has a gate with two Bouncers and a contraband laser at the front, requiring you to bribe, fight, or hand over your items. The walls/lasers here can also be destroyed by explosives.