Streets of Rogue Wiki

Rules are important in any Gamepedia wiki to help keep them free of spam and looking better. Below are the rules and some suggestions for this wiki which all wiki editors should familiarise themselves with before editing any pages.


  1. Make sure that you are familiarised with the rules that Fandom Terms of Use provide.
  2. Spam, Advertisement and Vandalism are not allowed under any circumstances, however certain videos are allowed to contain some self promotion to the Youtuber.
  3. Harsh language, harassment, racism, constantly reverting edits of other members for no reason are examples of blatant disrespect to other members and it will not be tolerated. Please be respectful towards all your fellow editors. If you have any disputes with other members that is affecting you please contact an administrator to help sort it out.
  4. Sign all posts on talk pages with ~~~~, this makes your signature appear allowing people to know which editor posted the comment.
  5. Posting videos should only be done after gaining the consent of an Administrator, who can be found here, posting .gifs are fine as long as they don't contain sensitive material.
  6. If you believe that a page isn't useful please put it up for deletion, don't just keep reverting it to a state where it's basically a blank page.
  7. No leaks or leaking. If it isn't in the game or isn't confirmed by the developers, it shouldn't be on the wiki. There are other places to share this, such as the Streets of Rogue Subreddit.

Breaking any of these rules will at best result in a simple page edit, and at worst a block from the wiki.



Below are some suggestions before uploading images onto the wiki. These are by no means required however they just make it slightly easier for editors to add them to pages.

  1. The standard form for images is .png and for gifs is .gif.
  2. It's best if item and object images are 64 x 64 px.