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Traits are essentially passive abilities in Streets of Rogue. They can be beneficial or detrimental. Some are highly situational and/or generally only useful to specific Characters, whereas others are broadly useful to most (if not all) character types. All official characters start with at least 1 trait; more can be earned through leveling up, or in special cases, through Special Abilities. Note that some traits are exclusive to certain characters and thus cannot be obtained by the other built-in characters. This does not apply to custom characters, however.

Positive Traits[ | ]

Positive traits provide bonuses and have a positive Custom Character Point Value (CCPV). Positive traits are awarded to the character as they level up. Some Characters begin the game with positive traits and Custom Characters may select these traits during character creation. By using an Augmentation Booth, you can swap a trait with another trait with the same CCPV and certain traits can be upgraded to become more powerful.


CCPV Upgrade Unlocked by Description
Ammo Scavenger 7 Yes 10ChickenNugget Dropped weapons contain more ammunition
Army of Five 5 No Upgrade Team Building Expert Recruit a maximum of 5 followers.
Art of the Deal 5 No Character exclusive Can purchase items from anyone, including safe Combinations and Keys.
Backstabber 5 No Default 2x damage from behind; 10x if you are using Camouflage. Sleeping targets will be killed instantly (This is silent). This is best paired with fist to not lose weapon durability.
Banana Lover 2 Yes Character exclusive Bananas restore twice their normal health value.
Big Bullets 5 No 7ChickenNugget Bullets are twice as large.
Blaster Master 5 No 7ChickenNugget, Blaster Survivor Explosions destroy any wall or object
Blaster Survivor 3 No 5ChickenNugget Explosions caused by the player, don't damage the player
Blends In Nicely 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget Distance at which people can see you is reduced.
Block Breaker 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget When an enemy blocks your melee attack, it may count as a hit
Bloodlust 16 Yes Character exclusive Gain 10 health per kill.
Bloody Mess 2 No Removed Anyone killed is turned into a pile of gibs.
Bullet Breaker 7 No 10ChickenNugget Your bullets destroy other bullets
Bullet Sponge 7 Yes Character exclusive Reduces bullet damage and knockback taken
Burning Bullets 7 No 10ChickenNugget Bullets cause fire when hitting objects
Butterfinger-er 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget Chance to knock an enemy's weapon out of their hands when they are blocking.
Camera Shy 3 No Character exclusive Security Cameras cannot see you.
Charismatic 5 No Character exclusive Anyone who is neutral will become friendly.
Class Solidarity 3 No 5ChickenNugget, No In-Fighting Can't hit people of your own class, or make them hostile. Also makes them Friendly.
Clumsiness Forgiven 5 No 7ChickenNugget People don't get angry when you break their possessions or walls
Confident in Crowds 3 Yes 5ChickenNugget, Safe in Crowds The more followers you have, the more damage you cause. Capped at 3 followers.
Cool with Cannibals 5 No 7ChickenNugget Cannibals will no longer attack on sight
Disturbing Facial Expressions 3 Yes Default Enemies are more likely to run away during battle. Increases Threat Chance
Don't Make Me Angry 7 Yes 10ChickenNugget, I'm Outtie Inflict more damage on enemies when health is low.
Drug-a-lug 3 No Default Syringes are all identified.
Durabilitacious 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget Melee weapons take longer to break.
Fireproof Skin 3 Yes Character exclusive Fire damage decreased
Flesh Feast 5 Yes Character exclusive Hitting non-neutralized opponents with your melee attacks restores health
Floats Like Butterfly 7 Yes 10ChickenNugget, Long Lunge More mobility when performing melee attacks.
Friend of the Common Folk 7 No 10ChickenNugget, Loneliness Killer The "generic" people of a stage will be loyal. This currently only includes Slum Dwellers.
Friend of the Family 5 No 7ChickenNugget, Cool with Cannibals Mobsters are Aligned with you
G-P-Yesss 2 No Default All icons on your map are revealed.
Graceful 3 No Default Floor hazards are not triggered, pass through lasers without them reacting.
Homesickness Killer 2 No 2ChickenNugget Followers will always follow you to the next floor
Honor Among Thieves 3 Yes Character exclusive Thieves will sell you Thief Equipment at discounted prices and prevents thieves from stealing from you.
I'm Outtie 7 Yes 10ChickenNugget, Kneecapper Gain speed when health is low.
Inferno Assailant 3 No Character exclusive Receive XP for extinguishing unintended fires you didn't cause.
Increased Crit Chance 2 Yes 2ChickenNugget Crit chance is increased by 3%.
Infectious Spirit 3 Yes Default Followers gain extra health.
Intrusion Artist 3 Yes 5ChickenNugget Thieving tools may not break after usage
Jack of Extra Trades 3 Yes Character exclusive 2 more traits to choose from when you level up.
Kneecapper 3 Yes 5ChickenNugget, Increased Crit Chance Chance to cause Slow when hitting enemies.
Knockback King 3 No 5ChickenNugget Cause people you hit to be knocked back further
Knuckley 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget Damage value of Fist is multiplied by 1.4.
Lock and Load 10 Yes 10ChickenNugget, Ammo Scavenger Weapons receive some ammo at the start of new floors
Loneliness Killer 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget, Team Building Expert When the player enters a new stage, an NPC of their same class is spawned

alongside them and added to their party.

Long Lunge 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget, Durabilitacious Longer lunges when performing melee attacks by a factor of 1.5.
Longer Status Effects 3 Yes 5ChickenNugget Status effects last 1.5 times their normal length.
Low-Cost Jobs 3 Yes 5ChickenNugget Hiring people costs less.
Master of Disaster 3 No Character exclusive Receive XP for each object or wall destroyed.
Medical Professional 3 No 7ChickenNugget Gives you the ability to heal Aligned NPCs once per floor.
Modern Warfarer 5 Yes 10ChickenNugget, Medical Professional When health is below 20, health slowly regenerates to 20.
Moocher 2 No Character exclusive Allows you to borrow money from vendors.
Mugger 3 Yes Character exclusive Threaten people for money and items. Also allows you to talk to annoyed NPCs.
Nimble Fingers 2 No Default The Operating Bar fills up at a much faster rate.
No In-Fighting 2 No 2ChickenNugget Melee and projectile hits on Aligned people do not register.
On the House 3 Yes 5ChickenNugget Items purchased from vendors may be given to you for free
Penetrating Bullets 10 No 15ChickenNugget, Bullet Breaker Bullets pass through objects and people after hitting them
Potential To Not Suck 5 No Character exclusive A random stat gains a level up every other level, starting with level 2.
Prickly Skin 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget, Un-Crits Melee damage inflicted on the player may also harm the attacker
Promise I'll Return It! 3 No 5ChickenNugget, Clumsiness Forgiven People do not become angry when you steal their property. Does not work when you pickpocket someone.
Random Reverence 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget, Friend of the

Common Folk

Random people are Aligned with you
Rechargeable 5 Yes Character exclusive All attributes except endurance start at 4 and decreases each Charge Level. Low charge causes you to lose health.
Roller Skates 10 Yes Character exclusive Fast movement speed, but movement controls are delayed and less responsive.
Safe in Crowds 3 Yes 5ChickenNugget The more followers you have, the less damage you take. Capped at 3 followers.
Scorching Savior 3 No Character exclusive People allow you onto private property during a fire and briefly after it ends.
Secret Vandalizer 3 No 5ChickenNugget Hitting objects and walls doesn't make any noise
Serve Drinks 3 No Character exclusive Serve Cocktails to anyone, like it's your job or something.
Share the Health 3 Yes 5ChickenNugget Health items you administer to yourself will affect your followers
Shop Drops 3 Yes 5ChickenNugget, On the House Upon being neutralized, vendors will drop one of the items that they normally sell
Shrewd Negotiator 3 Yes Default Items in shops cost 35% less
Slippery Target 3 Yes Default Projectile weapon accuracy of attackers is 2 points lower.
Sneaky Fingers 5 No 7ChickenNugget People won't notice when your "(Doing something)..." bar is filling
Studious 5 Yes 10ChickenNugget Gain extra XP. (29.9%)
Super Studious 7 No Upgrade Studious Gains lots of extra XP and earn fewer Chicken Nuggets on level-up. (50%)
Tank-Like 2 No 2ChickenNugget Knockback from attacks is 2/3 as large as normal. Knockback from guns is decreased.
Team Building Expert 3 Yes 2ChickenNugget Up to 3 people can be hired to join your party.
Tech Expert 3 No Character exclusive Provides additional options with hacked objects.
Teleport-Happy 5 No 7ChickenNugget Teleport anytime regardless of location unless you are in immediate danger
The Law 10 No Character exclusive Cops are Aligned, Supercops are Friendly. Committing crimes against innocent people causes you to lose XP.
Trust Funder 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget Receive money at the start of every floor
Ultimate Butterfinger-er 10 No Upgrade Butterfinger-er Always knock an enemy's weapon out of their hands when they are blocking.
Un-Crits 5 Yes 7ChickenNugget Damage inflicted on the player may not cause any health loss
Unstoppable-ish 5 No Character exclusive Knockback from damage is severely decreased, bullets don't cause knockback.
Wall Walloper 10 Yes 15ChickenNugget Melee weapons can destroy certain walls
Walls' Worst Nightmare 2 Yes Default People can be knocked through walls using less powerful attacks than normal.
Werewolf A-Were-ness 2 No Character exclusive You will be alarmed when you are near a hidden Werewolf.
Wrong Building 7 No Default Trespassing into buildings will make NPCs annoyed instead of hostile.
Zombiism 7 No Character exclusive People who have contact with you and die are turned into zombies.

Negative Traits[ | ]

Negative traits are drawbacks and have a negative Custom Character Point Value (CCPV). Some Characters begin the game with negative traits and Custom Characters may select these traits during character creation. Negative traits can never be upgraded, but some can be completely removed or swapped with another negative trait by using an Augmentation Booth.

Name CCPV Remove Swap Description
Addict -5 No No Either have Feelin' Alright or Withdrawal effects, depending if you used drugs or not.
Antisocial -3 Yes Yes Most NPCs won't join your Party.
Blahd Basher -3 Yes Yes Blahds will attack on sight. More Experience awarded for killing Blahds.
Bodyguard -9 No No You must protect a Musician from dying too many times. You must also adhere to their needs.
Bulky -4 No No Can't move through doors or windows, movement speed locked at one.
Computer Illiterate -1 Yes Yes Cannot interact with computers.
Corruption Costs -10 No No Pay off the cops whenever money is owed or face consequences (and Supercops) on the next level.
Crepe Crusher -3 Yes Yes Crepes will attack on sight. More Experience awarded for killing Crepes.
Diminutive -4 Yes Yes You are much smaller, deal less damage, and take more damage.

You can also flush yourself down toilets.

Electronic -3 No No Status effects usually don't affect you, you can't eat food, and you're damaged by water and EMP blasts.
Fair Game -10 No No People will either run from you or try to kill you.
Ideological Clash -8 No No Random chance for NPCs to be Hostile towards you. Law enforcement wouldn't care if you retaliate.
Jugularious -4 Yes Yes Health can only be restored with blood (Through Bite ability).
Loud -2 Yes Yes Movement causes noise.
Malodorous -6 No No Business owners are annoyed, most people won't join your party.
Near-Harmless -8 No No Can't use any weapons, fist damage set to one.
No Teleports -6 No No Can't teleport, no matter what.
Oil Reliant -5 No Yes Can only heal using Oil.
Pacifist -4 Yes No Can't use most weapons.
Poor Hand-Eye Coordination -1 Yes Yes The Operating Bar fills up at a much slower rate.
Sausage Fingers -5 No Yes Cannot use any weapons.
Scientist Slayer -2 Yes Yes Scientists are hostile. More Experience awarded for killing Scientists.
Scumbag Slaughterer -5 No No Slavemasters, Gangsters, Drug Dealers, Mobsters, Vampires, and Thieves attack on sight.
Skinny Nerdlinger -1 Yes Yes Knockback from attacks is 1.5 times larger than normal. Shooting also causes large knockback.
Specist -2 Yes Yes Gorillas are Hostile. More Experience awarded for killing Gorillas.
Strict Cannibal -5 No Yes Can only heal by feeding on corpses (or with alcohol).
Stubby Fingers -3 Yes Yes Cannot use projectile weapons.
Sucker -2 Yes Yes Items purchased from other people cost 1.25 times their value.
Suspicious -3 Yes Yes Most business owners will be Annoyed at you.
Vocally Challenged -4 Yes Yes Cannot speak to anyone, unless in possession of a Translator, unless they are of the same class as you.
Wanted -5 No Yes Cops are Hostile towards you, business owners are annoyed at you.

Special Ability Traits[ | ]

These traits modify the effects of a Special Ability (or in some cases an item obtained via a trait). A Custom Character cannot select these traits at character creation and they can only appear when leveling up to level 3 and every third level thereafter (6, 9, etc). A character must have the correct Special Ability or trait-item for one of the modified traits to appear. Special Ability traits are not guaranteed to appear when leveling up and even then only one Special Ability trait can appear at a time. These traits have yellow text when they appear on the trait selection screen.

Name Special Ability Character Description
Aftershocked Stomp Bouncer Stomp causes damage to other people
Benevolent Owner Enslave Slavemaster Slaves don't become mutinous
Big Bang None, but affects Bomb Processor Demolitionist Remote Bombs cause a larger explosion
Blazing Lasers Ride Mech, Laser Cannon Mech Pilot Laser Cannon recharges faster
Blood of Steel None, but affects Blood Transfusion Kit Bouncer Blood Transfusion Kit doesn't take as much of your health
Body-Swapper Possess Shapeshifter Shorter cooldown after depossessing
Bomb Baker None, but affects Bomb Processor Demolitionist Remote Bombs are created at a lower cost
Bottomless Stomach Bite Vampire Bite people even when your health is full
Chipmunk Teeth Bite Vampire Bite more quickly
Covert Crook Sticky Glove Thief People don't notice when you pickpocket their friends
Crooked Handcuffs Cop Less XP and Big Quest point loss for neutralizing/arresting innocents
Cyber Nuke Laptop Hacker Most hackable objects can be blown up
Destructive Deaths Enslave Slavemaster Slave helmets cause a larger explosion
Eggshell Walker Joke Comedian Jokes never cause people to become Hostile
Fast Food Cannibalize Cannibal Bodies are Cannibalized faster
Feature Act Joke Comedian Jokes have a higher chance of success
Foolproof Hacks Laptop Hacker Hacking never causes an alarm
Good Vibrations Stomp Bouncer Bigger Stomp radius
Groupies Mind Control Alien Bigger radius from Mind Control blast
Impatient Lunge Primal Lunge Gorilla Primal Lunge charges more quickly
Inhuman Strength Zombie Phlegm Zombie All Zombies are stronger
Juggernaut Chaaarge Jock Can't lose health while charging
Killing Time Werewolf Transformation Werewolf Werewolf form lasts longer
Legal Enslavement Enslave Slavemaster Enslaving random people is now legal for you
Leisurely Ride None, but affects Delivery App Courier More time for deliveries
Low Center of Gravity Chaaarge Jock Player doesn't fall down when charging into walls
No Harm in Dying Possess Shapeshifter No health loss when your host body dies
Oil Less Essential Ride Mech Mech Pilot Oil restores more health to your Mech
Possessions are Peachy Keen Possess Shapeshifter Possessing and Depossessing does not cause Hostility or Annoyance
Power Lasers Ride Mech, Laser Cannon Mech Pilot Lasers are more powerful
Power Walkers Mind Control Alien People under Mind Control can walk through many walls and objects
Puppet Power Mind Control Alien People under Mind Control cause more damage when attacking
Quick and Dead Zombie Phlegm Zombie All Zombies are faster
Restless Beast Werewolf Transformation Werewolf Cooldown period after transforming back to human form is shorter
Riot Cannon Water Cannon Firefighter Water Cannon destroys bullets and does tons of knockback
Safe Stomp Stomp Bouncer Stomp causes you less harm
Sap Damage Power Sap Robot Increases damage of Power Sap
Sappy-Healthy Power Sap Robot Power Sap restores more health from draining devices
Savorer Cannibalize Cannibal Receive more health from Cannibalizing
Slinky Camouflage Assassin Camouflage doesn't end when bumping into people
Sneaky Bomber None, but affects Bomb Processor Demolitionist People don't notice Remote Bombs being dropped
Speed Coder Laptop Hacker Hacking takes no time
Sprinter Chaaarge Jock Charge faster
Steady Head Werewolf Transformation Werewolf No Dizzy period after transforming back to human form
Subduing Spree Chloroform Hankie Doctor No cooldown after using Chloroform
Surging None, but affects Delivery App Courier More money from deliveries
Swift Spitter Zombie Phlegm Zombie Phlegm attack charges faster
Table Manners Cannibalize Cannibal Cannibalize doesn't bother nearby people, including law enforcement
Tackler Chaaarge Jock Charge has a more powerful impact
They're Just Kissing Bite Vampire Bite doesn't bother nearby people, including law enforcement
Thick-Skinned Pawn Mind Control Alien People under Mind Control take less damage
Throat of Iron Zombie Phlegm Zombie Phlegm attack doesn't cause health loss
Vein Tapper Bite Vampire Receive more health from Bite
Vicious Chameleon Camouflage Assassin Camouflage doesn't end when attacking

Attribute Traits[ | ]

When a character's level increases to level 3 and every third level thereafter (6, 9, etc), they will be offered a single Attribute trait from the list below. Unlike other traits, these traits can be taken multiple times but do not show up on the character screen and instead directly increase the corresponding attribute by 1. If a character already has a certain attribute at maximum (4/4), the corresponding trait cannot appear when leveling up. These traits cannot be selected during Custom Character character creation. Lastly, these traits have blue text and will always appear as the second choice on the trait selection screen.

Name Description
Endurance + +1 bonus to Endurance attribute
Firearms + +1 bonus to Firearms attribute
Melee + +1 bonus to Melee attribute
Speed + +1 bonus to Speed attribute

Other Traits[ | ]

These traits cannot be gained by leveling up or selected during character creation. Instead, they are gained from an alternative source. None of these traits can be upgraded, removed, or swapped.

Name Source Description
Cops Don't Care Using Ride Mech Cops, Cop Bots, and Supercops ignore the player.
Pea-Brained Gained during Werewolf Transformation Cannot interact with anything and can't use items. Food can still be consumed.
Upper-Crusty Possess an Upper-Cruster NPC, Slum Dweller Super Special Ability Allows you to use Alarm Buttons and all Cops, Cop Bots, and Supercops are Aligned with the player.

Removed Traits[ | ]

These are traits that were removed from the game. They are no longer obtainable in any way.

Name Reason for Removal
Block Bullets Functional but less useful and satisfying to use than it was intended.
Fast Melee Hits didn’t connect 100% of the time, and fixing it would have required major technical changes.
Lasers Ignore You Its effects have been merged into Graceful.
Shorter Status Effects Unknown.
Sleep Killer Its effects have been merged into Backstabber.